Tanja Jakobi


Tanja Jakobi is the executive director of the Public Policy Research Center. She joined the CENTER in 2010 as a researcher and media expert, and assumed the role of the executive director in 2016. Her research interests are focused on labour markets, discrimination at work and precarisation. She has been writing about living standard in transitional economies, precarisation and collective organising in the media, poverty alleviation, education and access to labour markets of vulnerable groups. As a researcher she is currently focused on impact on new technologies on the labour market, labour contacts and unionization. She is a member of the Sector Skills Council for the social sciences, journalism, and information, an expert and consulting body that advises the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia on the needs for qualifications on the Republic of Serbia labour market.  

Apart from being executive director, Tanja writes on digital economy and online platform work. She co-created the GigmeterTM, the first instrument for assessing the socio-economic status of digital workers (men and women) from Serbia, and co-edits its Serbian and regional editions.

She holds MAs in business journalism from the Baruch College (US) and BA in philosophy from the University of Belgrade (Serbia).