Who we are?

Public Policy Research Center (CENTER) is an independent think tank, founded in 2010. The CENTER is a group of innovative researchers and digital enthusiasts deliberating on the future of work in Serbia, as well as inclusive security and the creation of sustainable partnerships focused on social change. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we explore the links between socio-economic and security domains of everyday importance for citizens.

Our team includes experts in the field of sociology, economics, electrical engineering, politics, international relations, philosophy, psychology, public policy, and security. The academic profile of the CENTER´s staff includes researchers schooled or trained at universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Central European University, NYU, Université Pierre Mendes France, and the University of Belgrade. We have carried out over 40 research projects in Serbia and the Balkans over the past ten years.

Through its research and public advocacy, the CENTER aims to achieve its mission and contribute to the development of a sustainable, prosperous and just society in which the opinions and concerns of all citizens are equally heard and appreciated.

The objective of the CENTER is to become a reference point for the civil society in addressing the challenges faced by Serbia in the digital age in the areas of the future of work, security, and social capital.