Branka Anđelković


 Co-founder and Programme Director 


Branka Anđelković is a Co-founder and Programme Director of the Public Policy Research Center, Belgrade based think tank. Her current research interests are focused on labour markets and non-standard forms of employment in the context of knowledge-based economy and digital transformation. Branka is the lead author and editor of several pioneering studies about the platform economy and digital work in Serbia. Together with Tanja Jakobi she created the GigmetarTM, the first instrument for assessing the socio-economic status of digital workers (men and women) from Serbia.  
As a consultant, Branka has been advising international organizations and national governments for more than 15 years on the social protection and active labour market polices, and participation of civil society policy in policy-making in Serbia, Turkey  and eastern European countries.
She holds MAs in public administration from the Harvard University (United States), and in the international relations from the Central European University (Hungary). Her BA is in the comparative literature and theory of literature from the University of Belgrade (Serbia).