Security issues within Serbian 2016 election campaign

Public Policy Research Centre undertakes monitoring of the election campaign. Centre will assess the prominence of security-related issues in print and electronic media, the relevance of specific issues within the campaigns, and coherence of major coalitions compared against their party programmes and proclaimed reforms priorities.

Within the focus on security and considerations of influence of the security sector's reform on citizens, Centre will analyze which security threats are considered by parties or coalitions, which mechanisms have been proposed as response on them, and what are the target groups.

Center will follow commenting of both traditional security areas, like topics about the military forces, police, foreign policy orientation, as well as new security threats like migrations and extremism, and everyday problems of citizens, like the family violence.

Two data factsheets will be presented during April to increase understanding of the media and voters of security related issues and debates as advocated by the leading parties’ proponents.

The research team are Svetlana Djurdjevic, Jelena Radoman, Tanja Jakobi, Jelena Sapic i Milan Lukic, while the project has been supported by The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

DCAF has supported the research of the Centre "Mapping of the (non)discrimination in the system of military education" 2013.