Milica Skočajić

Milica Skočajić, junior researcher, has joined CENTER in February 2018, after a successful internship during 2017. As an intern, she participated in the implementation of the LOVE (Law, Order, Values) to migrants/asylum seekers/persons granted asylum in enjoying rights without discrimination research project, assisting CENTER’s researchers in analyzing local communities’ capacities to handle challenges associated with the refugee crisis. In 2018, she will be engaged as a team member of the CENTER on the project - "Digging into Digital Work in Serbia: Who are crowdworkers from Serbia and why they work on global digital platforms?"

She has completed her master studies at the Department of Psychology, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade with the thesis: Psychosocial aspects of abortion – analysis of abortion as a personal experience. She graduated beforehand at the same department.

She participated in research at the Laboratory for experimental psychology, Institute for psychology and Institute for sociological research. She’s a Petnica Research Center associate, on two programs, as well as student demonstrator in students’ research groups for qualitative research, at the psychology department.

Milica has won an award for the best student paper at the contest of the “Svetlana Djurdjevic Lukic” Foundation with a collaborative paper on “Personal security on the internet – contextualizing revenge porn as a form of cyber violence”. Milica participated in several research conferences and has published a research paper on “Managing the delivery in Serbia – medical interventions and delivery experience in a magazine for social research and humanities” (51).

Recent papers:

Stanković, B., Skočajić, M. & Đorđević, A. (2018). Managing delivery in Serbia – medical interventions and delivery experience. Limes Plus. 14(2), 197-225.

Skočajić, M. & Radosavljević, J. (2017). Personal security on the Internet – Contextualization of the Phenomenon of Revenge Porn as Cyber Violence In Contemporary Challenges, Problems and Dilemmas Regarding Human Security. Belgrade: OSCE Mission to Serbia

Skočajić, M., Radosavljević, J., Janković, I., Okičić, M., & Žeželj, I. (2016, oktobar). Gender stereotype adoption and sanctioning of counter-stereotypical behavior. Work presented at Mini conference on political psychology, Novi Sad.