Filip Stojanovic

Filip Stojanovic is a new member of the CENTRE. He earned an MA from the Faculty of Security Studies of the University of Belgrade in 2016. He successfully defended the thesis entitled "The Conceptualization of National Interest in Security Studies." He graduated from the same faculty. During his studies, he was actively engaged in several research centers. Mr Stojanovic worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Security Studies at several courses such as Intelligence and Security Services, Security Systems and Security Studies: An Introduction in the period of January-October 2015. Moreover, he was an intern at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Serbia on project Increased Resilience to Respond to Emergency Situations. He completed the program of a winter school on International Relations “The Current Political and Security Issues in International Relations” organized by the Institute for International Economics and Politics as the best student. Filip Stojanovic is especially interested in human security, security sector reform, SALW and disaster risk reduction issues. Filip has published several scientific papers in academic journals in the category M53 and M51, as well as several policy papers.

Filip is currently working on the following CENTRE's projects: Increasing Effectiveness of Competent Police Officers as a Prerequisite for Prevention of Gender Based Violence in Serbia (2018/2019)Arms export and violence against women: advocating for gender responsible and transparent implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) provisions in Serbia (2018/2019).

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